Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bacon, Bialys and Bulkas, Oh My

One thing I know is that if my maternal grandfather sees this post, he'll be rolling over in his grave - and isn't that the silliest thing you ever heard? I mean, do bodies really roll over in their graves? I used to hear that saying whenever anything was done that was seemingly insulting to the old Russian guy. Although when he was alive, I do believe he enjoyed the stuff that was done and handled it with a wink and a shrug. And it was always he who was doing the rolling - never grandma, because she was, how shall I say this, a bit more Attila the Hun-ish. And everyone was scared of her, or at least I was. Hey, is this getting too dark?

Last Saturday night, as Significant Eater and I were coming home from dinner at a friend's apartment, I popped into Kossar's (which opens after the Sabbath ends on Saturday, or after sundown), the world-famous bialy bakery on Grand St. Kossar's sells a number of baked products, each delicious in it's own way. Of course, its world-famous bialy is the number one draw. In my opinion, a bialy is like a Jewish English muffin. What I mean by that is that it needs to be lightly toasted to bring out its deliciousness. Kossar's also bakes bulkas, pletzels, mini-bulkas, mini-pletzels, sesame sticks, mini sesame sticks and bagels. Bulkas are like mini-hero rolls - with the same oniony flavor as bialys and the addition of poppy seeds. Pletzels are onion boards, or big, flat cracker-like things, covered with onions and various seeds...think lavash, but crisper. They're all delish in their own way, and here's what the bulka and bialy look like...

So, there I was Sunday morning, with a stash of the above in our kitchen. And I thought, what better way to show off their deliciousness than to whip up some scrambled eggs, cook up a batch of Benton's bacon, crank up the toaster and go to town? I'm almost convinced that if grandpa could only have gotten over his kosher-ness, he might've even liked the combo. But then, Attila might have smacked him upside the head. And he would've just given me a wink and a shrug.

Significant Eater, of course, had no such reservations when breakfast was served. After all, and with apologies to any and all kosher folks, would you?


  1. Love the Freudian nightmares! By the way, aren't you now OLDER than your grandfather was?

  2. I'll trade you a dozen bialys for 2 packages of smoked salmon

  3. Larry I will send you bakers dozen of bialys for smoked salmon. Do they have to be from NY??Stu :)