Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer in the City

Well not quite, but you know the drill (and apologies to the Lovin' Spoonful). Stepping out today for a brisk 2.5 mile walk, that first blast of summer humidity hit me, and summer's here folks. What did you think, we'd have a spring? Not likely.

Since it's still only in the 70s however, my crankiness has not fully ummm, cranked up just yet. It will. Even Significant Eater was sorta complaining about the heat in DC; she's learned so much from me.

Here are a few things I saw on my walk. Some are iconic and some are destined to be.

Engine Company 6, on Beekman Street...

Manhattan Bridge...

Woolworth Building...

8 Spruce Street (aka the Gehry Building)...

And finally, Trinity Church and the new Freedom Tower. Goin' up...

Now, I have to go install an air conditioner. Back soon!


  1. All my new(ish) neighborhood - why didn't you ring? A (& B)

  2. Nice shot of the Gehry building!

  3. @ Anonymous (A & B) - are you around at 10 AM?

    @ Jude - thanks. You have to get the right profile of that building.