Friday, September 23, 2011

A Real Rain. At Least I'm Cooking

Ahhh, what the heck. A blog about nothing, although I could write about how happy I am with the torrential rain... 

and the change of seasons and the fact that a fairly miserable (weather wise) summer is behind us.

So Significant Eater is here working, and I've already cooked 2 meals today.


Some Flying Pigs Farm's shoulder bacon. I decided to pull out the plancha and make more use of it.  It's double sided (the other side is a "grill") and it can get really hot.  Although cooking this, it's at about 350° F...

I haven't cooked French toast in forever,  this thread on eGullet got me wanting it, came out great, btw.


  Escarole braised with garlic and chili pepper. And...

Mussels steamed with garlic, white wine, tomatoes and parsley.

That's it. Almost live blogging.


  1. French Toast looks a little dry. Drowned it in Log Cabin?

  2. I loooof Log Cabin.

    I was going for the browned effect that some people like on their omelets.

    And I'd rather have that syrup we tasted at New Amsterdam Market.

  3. OMG, you eat like a pig; didn't all those years of California living teach you anything??

    Mussels look good, actually I had some for lunch, but didn't add the tomatoes.