Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary - Time to Eat!

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, so Significant Eater and I decided that we should spend a good portion of the day involved with food and drink. Because after all, anniversaries are special, and we wanted to spend it doing something different…well, doing something that we both enjoy…a lot.

We were married in Las Vegas 14 years ago, and for dinner that night we wanted to eat at a Jean-Louis Palladin restaurant called Napa. Unfortunately, it was closed and we ended up at a restaurant called Fiori.  I don’t remember what we ate that night, and I don’t have any pictures from dinner, but I’m pretty sure it was good; and though we didn't get to eat Jean-Louis' food, rest assured - he was one of the greatest chefs on the planet.

These days, when the two of us head out for a special meal, we try to pick a place we know is good…often an old favorite, sometimes a new one.  And so yesterday for lunch, for the umpteenth time, we wound up at Momofuku Noodle Bar – the Momo that launched the career of another damn good chef.  And yes, this time a camera came along.

We started with a nice "pot" of kimchi; trust me, this will keep all the vampires away...
One of the earliest dishes to grab attention for David Chang - the pork buns.  Yesterday, a special bun made an appearance - this time it was brisket.  With horseradish, pickled red onion and cucumber, it was maybe even more delicious than the original...
Since we always try to get our veggies, we had to have the baby greens salad, with apple, radish, chestnut and yes, duck proscuitto...
One of Sig Eater's old faves, roasted rice cakes, was on the daily blackboard menu, so...
To top it all off, another of the daily specials, showcasing duck, this time the leg/thigh meat cooked into a ragu with poblanos, cilantro and a fried egg to top it all off...
With only minimal pouting, we passed on dessert. After all, dinner at Acme was a mere 5 hours away.  

I don't know that anything could be better than our 14 years together, but I'm sure looking forward to the next bunch of decades.  


  1. We had the brisket buns when we went, not too long ago, and they were probably the best dish of the night.

  2. How sweet-and they said it wouldn't last! Congrats to two of the nicest people I know :)