Monday, March 5, 2012

The Show Must Go On

The show must go on. Evidently, that’s an old show business phrase, even though with all my research (well, googling) I couldn’t find out who first said it. However, it appears that the real saying (well, per Wiki) was actually: The show must go on, otherwise we’ll have to give them their money back.

It’s also used as the title of any number of songs, books, movies…you name it.  So what does all this have to do with Tasty Travails, you ask? Good question.

You know, in the food business, the show must go on is just as important as in the show business. That is, if you’re in the restaurant biz or you’re a caterer, and you’ve got a wedding or a bar mitzvah or a fully booked house on Saturday night, you can’t cancel out on your customers at the last minute…you’ll never work again in this town, if you know what I mean.  But what happens if…

This past weekend, Significant Eater and I had invited the family to our apartment for a birthday brunch to celebrate her dad’s 80th. It was scheduled for Saturday noon, because on Sunday, Sig Eater packs up and heads down to DC for work the following week.  Only thing is, I woke up on Saturday morning not feeling well; without going into the gory details, I could barely stand up for more than 5 minutes without getting woozy.

The show must go on.  I mean, I had planned a really nice menu, ordered a lovely birthday cake, was gonna make some dishes a la minute, etc. etc. And there was no way I was giving them their money back!

So, thinking quickly, (okay, barely thinking), I decided to call our niece and see if I could persuade her (and her lovely Sidekick) to come over early and help Sig Eater (who wore an apron!) set up and keep this party going. Fortunately, they’re food peeps (after all, they live in Brooklyn AND have tattoos), she writes a great blog called Chronicles of a Stomach Grumble, and best of all, they agreed, which meant Significant Eater did not have to take all of her remaining xanax…only the normal amount for when she’s spending family time.

Fortunately, I had done all of the shopping ahead of time, including at this place…

As anyone can tell you, the nova and the lox (and the sturgeon) are delicious…

As is the herring…

Neither the frittata nor the potato pancakes topped with crème fraîche and caviar made it onto the table (the mispucha offered to make them, but wanting them to enjoy the party, the offer was turned down), but I had made a nice health salad (well, Jewish cole slaw), whipped up my own veggie/horseradish and scallion/chive cream cheeses, and baked rugelach and oatmeal cookies to go along with the cake.

They set up a beautiful table…

Mimosas and Stumptown coffee were served.  I was able to pop out for a minute to take a picture of the cake and sing Happy Birthday.  And thanks to Sig Eater, Chronicles, and Sidekick, everyone had a lovely time.  Happy 80th Birthday, Norm…and many more...


  1. Always happy to help. Thanks for the shout-outs! (Oh, and those onions stink.)

  2. @Shivery - they shoulda been 86d even before the party started.

  3. Despite yourself, it was a success. Bravo Significant Eater, Chronicles and Sidekick. Happy Birthday, Norm. Mitch you dodged a bullet.
    Best, Jac

  4. Glad your feeling better Boss.