Friday, March 29, 2013

Annoying Food Things #1 (Week of 3/25/13)

What has annoyed me the most in the world of food this week?

#1 - The Guy Fieri Squirt Bottles, 3-Piece Set for $9.99.  I mean, we already know he's a douche and a whore - this just proves it.

#2 - Reading about the recently opened Carbone, from the Torrisi boys.  See above.  If you're charging $12 for a Campari, $50 for veal parm (yes, I know it's good veal) and $12 for a side of escarole, it just makes it that much easier for me to go across the street to Lupa...where I know the food is good.

#3 - Ozersky's piece, in the fucking Wall St. Journal, about bourbon. Just 'cause.

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