Friday, May 22, 2009

Missing Winter...Already?

I know, I know, you probably all think I'm crazy. But once the temps start approaching 90° F, I start getting cranky (well, crankier). And then add in the humidity, and all hell breaks loose.

Anyone who hasn't lived in New York City for a whole summer can't really say it's not that bad. Because it is. Take a really hot day, add in really high humidity, and try standing on a subway platform for about 10 minutes while every other friggin' train but the one you want goes by - twice. For instance, the platform at 1st - 2nd Avenue and Houston Streets. Where the V train sits at the end of its run, waiting to return back to Queens...all the while spitting out noxious, hot fumes from its barely functioning air conditioning system. Counting the minutes while wondering how much of the $100 worth of Whole Foods stuff you've got in your reusable cloth bag will spoil by the time you get home.

I mean, I love the summer for all the great fruit and vegetables we get at the markets. I love the minimal clothing on so many beautiful people...though some people should really be covering up, don't you think? I like the free concerts in Central Park and all over the city. I enjoy the occasional bike ride around Central Park (A friend of mine has bicycles - you don't think I'm crazy enough to rent one, do you?). I like the awesome thunderstorms and watching the lightning from our 15th floor window, as the storms roll in from the west.

So, if we could have summer without the heat and humidity, I'd be all for it. And since we can't, while I'm waiting for that damn subway home from Whole Foods, I'll just dream about cooler days to come...

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  1. I hate to be the one to remind you, but you were cranky in the winter too!
    P.S. I was cranky during our heat wave too. Not missing winter, just missing a little transition weather.
    And look, the farmer's market is way better now than it is in February.