Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogger's Block

I’ve got blogger’s block.  I figure I'm not really a writer, so I can’t have writer’s block. It's blogger’s block.  A month or two of not really being able to put fingers to keyboard to satisfy the goal I  had set for myself of 6 blog posts a month. I was good up until July, but...  Hey, what are goals for? To be broken, that’s what.

Anyway, after a drink (okay 2) (okay, 2 with a shot of Dickel) with friends at Pegu Club last night, and a mediocre hamburger at  a dive somewhere over in Soho (though I liked the wings and the fries), I headed east on Grand St. towards home.  

Mulberry & Grand. That time of year - the Feast of San Gennaro. The fucking 85th feast of San Gennaro.  Which only means one thing...traffic is utterly screwed making my journey home even more annoying.  

The smell of the "oil" hits you a block before you get there, but in all its glory, Fried Oreos.  You don't think I bought one, do you?

I like late night at the feast, as they're getting ready to close. It's nice and depressing...

OK, so past the festival, a block or two east. You know,  life is tough enough in NYC as it is. Just close the whole damn sidewalk, please...

"Cause you know that's gonna be fun walking by.  And safe. Anyway, a little farther on down the road, across Bowery, making a Chinatown delivery, it's...

And now I'm really glad I'm only a few blocks from home.


  1. Indian Summer makes you so grumpy. It's technically Fall today! Chin up!

  2. Thanks for shitting one out, Hemingway! I knew you could do it. Should have had the fried Oreo, tho-they help keep you regular, Jimbo.
    Signed, FloFab

  3. @Miami Danny - way to dump a whole lot of references in there.

    Have you ever had one - a fried Oreo, that is?

  4. I've had writers block for years and it bothers me every single day....It ended my Television career...Does it ever go away?

  5. What? The food is "supposed" to be much better this year because being run by Torrisi and someone else, I forget who. Apparently they asked a bunch of people to be involved and to make things that are unique to the Feast, not served in their restaurants. NO?

  6. you know Mitch, I do follow you, though I usually do not comment, but I was thinking, since you admit that you are no writer, and now with the blogger's block? it's not looking about focusing on photography? those are pretty good photos.

  7. @Gary - you're asking me?!

    @Feral - I'd heard that. But did not/have not sought any out personally...yet. It was late.

    @Arto - but then I'd stop taking pix!

  8. Mitch, I'm reaching out here, for crying out loud.....

  9. bitch, bitch , bitch , bitch , bitch....

  10. Listen, a Fried Oreo is a mouthful of happiness. It sounds so wrong, and yet the sum is so much greater than its parts. Meet me at the 86th Feast and we'll see what's what...