Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012's First Breakfast Sandwich

Do this to a pair of eggs…
We'll call it the broken yolk fried egg. Top with some meltable cheese.
Also do this to some delicious Fra’ Mani smoked ham…
Place on a buttered bialy thusly…
Watch all the religions get along in 2012.
Don’t forget the weird fruit combo (so far keeping my resolution to eat healthy in the new year)…
Think about what to have for lunch. Noodles bring good luck so Great NY Noodletown or Sobaya, here we come.


  1. We had same breakfast at home! Minus the fruit part..starting 2012 the right way! Well...sortta...going for a huge walk this morning to work off that lovely bagel sandwich. We put a slice of tomato in yummy! Happy New Year!!!

  2. @ Raisa - Happy New Year to you all!

  3. And we had the same breakfast here in CA....on whole grain english muffins, my nod towards the healthy part. 72 degrees in the front yard! must go out....Happy New Year!! Edwin and Marcy