Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunch Special

Every week after spending a 3-day weekend in NY, Significant Eater heads back down to DC, mostly via the Bolt Bus or some other similar service (i.e. not a Chinatown bus).  Usually, it’s quite an easy trip, as she leaves at a time of day when traffic is fairly light; it’s also affordable at around $25, which compared to Amtrak, is a relative bargain.  Yes, the Chinatown buses are cheaper, but after 1 or 2 trips sitting next to someone eating fish maw soup for lunch, Bolt became the de facto choice (not that there’s anything wrong with fish maw soup, mind you).

Anyway, being the wonderful husband that I am, I try to make sure she has something special to take along to remind her of just that fact. Easy enough, because in SE’s case, that’s food.

So, about an hour before she’s ready to leave, I make her a nice lunch and pack it up…
Today’s lunch: Roast pork sandwich on Pain d’Avignon bakery ciabatta, carrot and celery sticks, goldfish (!) and a Milano mint cookie.  I mean, how much better does it get?

Oh yeah, it’s packed in a clean, Chinese restaurant take-out carton.  Don’t worry though – I never order the fish maw soup. 


  1. No fair! Send me off with some lunch!!

  2. No wonder SE loves you so out though, you're in danger of becoming adorable.