Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What's a Year Between Friends?

Yeah, it's been a year since my last post. Could it be that things weren't exciting enough to write about, or that nothing new and interesting happened during that time?

Or maybe it's just that since November, 2016, things felt really crappy. There were any number of times where I may have said to myself, "write something." Anything even.  Plenty of new restaurants have been tried. A few trips have been taken. Sitting down at the computer and writing about those things; a whole other story, evidently.

So now, only a year late, let me restart Tasty Travails with an old post. History repeats, evidently. It was almost 8 years ago (!) when I blogged about this:

Renovation Week One - Refill Xanax Prescription

That post was about our semi-permanent DC home, right after Significant Eater landed a job down there. That apartment is only a memory, but now we're beginning a similar adventure - renovating our NYC apartment's kitchen and bath.

Should be fun - and hey, it gives me something to complain write about.

Remember? It sorta looked like this:

And last week, it looked like this:

Stay tuned...and I need a refill!