Sunday, January 17, 2010

And Now, Finally...The Move

Now I know I haven't been especially good at blogging over the past 6 weeks or so... though I do have a number of posts "in the can." It might have even be a little bit longer than 6 weeks. At least that's what people tell me. Significant Eater's new DC job started in mid-September, 2009, and in that time we've:

a) Rented a small apartment around the corner from SE's new job

b) Moved a fair amount of SE's clothing and other necessities down to DC

c) Purchased a small 1 bedroom apartment in a really nice neighborhood, just about a mile from the new office.

d) Engaged and employed a general contractor to do a full renovation on said apartment. Six weeks, start to finish. A fair amount of agita. I know, I know...I was gonna blog a lot more about the renovation, but by the end of the day, I wasn't in the mood for it.

e) Driven back and forth to DC - A LOT. As a matter of fact, over the past 4 months, I've probably driven more than I have in 16 years. From back when I lived in California, where it's considered normal to drive just to mail a letter.

f) Eaten in restaurants or gotten take-out or delivery more times than I care to remember. Some good, some not so good, a lot of it just tolerable. At one point, we actually ate a Quizno's sub from a rest stop on I-95 - shoot me.

g) For some fun, we did get to see Bruce a few times as his tour wound down, as well as Patti Smith on New Year's Eve, a tradition stretching back a good 12 or so years, since she's been playing the Bowery Ballroom every New Year's Eve for at least that long.

I've been to Home Depot (and not just one, mind you) so many times that they may actually know me by name. IKEA, College Park, too - it's where we purchased much of the kitchen that went into the new pad.

And now, the time to move-in has finally arrived. Yes, tomorrow is the big day. Movers have been hired, the new place is 95% ready, and at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning we will be leaving our tiny rental, which has turned into something of a rat maze with boxes and furniture leaving very little floor space.

Consider we went from finding this kind of stuff behind our walls and ceiling:

to this...

and this:

we are extremely excited.

We'll get to finally enjoy a lot of what DC has to offer. Lots of culinary expeditions are in store and that new kitchen will certainly get some action. It's my first microwave in 20 years, and it'll be perfect for SE to reheat those lovely frozen meals that I (and Amy's) hope to be preparing for her.

There's still lots of shopping yet to be done - did I tell you that we have basically no furniture? But that's the fun part. And even though I didn't reach my goal of 100 posts in 2009 (hey, shit happens), I hope to get to that number in 2010...


  1. congratulations on your new home.

  2. congrats!
    and curious to hear your impressions if you find your way to 2 amys pizza ... i had it over xmas and was pleasantly surprised.

  3. hanging in the back for patti. exactly where i would expect to find you!
    happy new year mitch and ali.

  4. so good to have you back!!!!!

  5. I'm gonna have to fight you for the Goya stuffed olives at metro market...

  6. You must be in the new place by now. Auguri! Congrats! enjoy! And come back to NY soon... we miss you!