Sunday, February 9, 2014

Getting Lucky

Things happen in life for all sorts of different reasons.  Of course, I don't believe in some of those reasons. Karma and kismet, for example. Stuff happening because of a greater power -- really? Or because I did a good deed one day 30 years ago, someone  does something nice for me now - come on!

In any event, what I believe in is luck.  Because after all, what else could be the reason that, on a sunny February day 16 years ago today, I got to marry the love of my life?

You see, luck played no small part in the fact that after I moved back to NYC in 1994, I happened to be working as a part-time headhunter while attending cooking school. I made a lot of nice friends while working there, and a year or two later, via one of those friends, I was introduced to my new best friend and soon-to-be future life companion.  We went on a couple of dates, I did a bunch of cooking (because, you know, the way to a woman's heart)...

And I got lucky when I asked her to marry me and she said "sure!" So off we went to Las Vegas, with our parents in tow, and a "ceremony" in the county clerk's office.  It was great, as was our dinner that night at Restaurant Fiore (we wanted to eat at Jean-Louis Palladin's Napa, but as luck would have it, they were closed on Monday nights).  We honeymooned in San Francisco - our first meal was at Stars - and many delicious meals followed on that trip.
In the 16 years since that day in Las Vegas, I've been extremely lucky to have my wife by my side.  We've been through a lot together - we've lost both of my parents over the last 11 years, along with her oldest brother and any number of other loved ones.  It has been of great comfort to be able to share those losses with someone I love.  I was lucky one day over 10 years ago when she thought a little mole on my back looked funny - it turned out to be a melanoma, but it was discovered so early that it was 100% cured.  (Do your monthly skin checks, folks - it's fun when you do them on each other!)

We've made lots of new friends over the last almost 2 decades.  And kept up with lots of old friends.  Taken a lot of wonderful trips.  Laughed and cried and dreamed together.  Our relationship works because even though we're different people, we accept each other for what each of us brings to our relationship.

So today, on our 16th anniversary, I'm counting all the ways I've gotten lucky by having met and married the love on my life, Significant Eater.  Happy Anniversary, AGO!  And let me quote one of the great philosophers of all time - "Baby, you're the greatest!"


  1. Great to have a "better half", ain't it? All my co-workers & most of my other friends have always called mine "Saint Ginny". Wonder why. All my best to your "Saint Significant Eater"… nice catch.


  2. Delicious post! Auguri to both of you!