Friday, April 11, 2014

To Steven Shaw, An On-Line Food Pioneer

Much has been written about the passing, at the all-too-young age of 44, of Steven Shaw.

On eGullet, there's a multi-page thread devoted to the subject, and here's his obituary in the Times.  Practically everyone who has a blog has written their thoughts as well.

Here are mine:

I met Steven Shaw, at first online, and then in person a year or two later, when our families dined together at a fine Korean restaurant in NYC's Greenwich Village. We were never close friends, more so online acquaintances, but it never ceased to amaze me how much Steven enjoyed a good argument about food.

Co-founder, along with tech guru Jason Perlow, of the web forum, Steven's curiosity, work ethic and tireless devotion to all things delicious, were key factors in the development of the then nascent on-line world of food journalism. He practically saw this future, and was not afraid to dive head-first into a then seminal world.  

I've been a member of eGullet since 2002, including a 5+year stint as a volunteer host, and during that time I've made many friends, shared countless meals, hoisted numerous cocktails, cooked with people from near and far, and even started this, my own, self-indulgent blog.  Without Steven, would this have been possible?  Perhaps, but he sure made it easier for us all, by following his heart (and stomach) wherever it led him.

Here's to you Steven - may you be soigné-ed for all time.

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