Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spatchcocked Chicken For Dinner

The Significant Eater and I like chicken. Roast chicken, grilled chicken, sauteed chicken, braised chicken, chicken ala king...wait, no, not chicken ala king.

To my taste, the best chicken at the most reasonable price, is a kosher chicken. It comes pre-brined (due to the salting process it undergoes), and is raised as naturally as a factory farm-raised chicken can be. At my local Whole Foods, they have some very expensive chickens. There's a brand called Pollo Rosso, which I've yet to try, that runs $5 a pound. Even their organic chickens are $4 a pound. In Chinatown, I can get freshly killed birds for a lot less. But, my favorite, as I mentioned above, is a kosher chicken. And my market carries Empire brand for about $2.50 a pound, a veritable bargain in this day and age. Along with an inexpensive and tasty Goya marinade, dinner was just around the corner.

Spatchcocking a chicken is a method of preparation where the backbone is removed, the sternum is removed and the chicken is flattened out and cooked that way.

This bird was cooked under the broiler and was done in 30 minutes. Along with a side dish of gai-lan (Chinese broccoli) in oyster sauce, and brown rice, dinner was on the table in under an hour...hey, I'm no Rachael Ray, I need the extra 30 minutes.


  1. Was Significant Eater spatchcoked as well? And a star is born...

  2. wait, BOTTLED GOYA MOJO!!! What's next, Heinz Ketchup?