Monday, November 8, 2010

The Worst Thing I've Eaten All Day

I try, really I do. To eat properly, that is. For instance, my breakfast today was "real" oatmeal, a banana, blueberries, raisins, maple syrup (farmer's market stuff and about $14 a pint) and plain low fat yogurt - the good stuff, FAGE. Along with 2 cups of freshly brewed coffee - this week, it's Stumptown.

Then, for lunch, Italian jarred tuna (ventresca) on a bed of greens with a few carrots, some celery sticks, green beans, etc. Lemon juice squeezed atop. A little leftover leek & wild mushroom soup to accompany and a few slices of fresh (well, taken out of the freezer) baguette from Eataly.

Why, then, do I find the need to run back to the freezer and have a Low-Fat Fudgsicle? I know, I know, why is it even in my freezer? That's a good question. What was I thinking when I was at the grocery store? And trust me on this one, I'm gonna hear it from Significant Eater...because she didn't get to have one. Or, as she likes to say, "I want one too..."

Anyway, containing ingredients such as tricalcium phosphate, mono & diglycerides, polysorbate 80 and polysorbate 65 (because it's not enough to contain just the polysorbate 80, it's gotta have the 65 too!), it is easily the worst thing I've eaten, and plan to eat, all day.

Well, at least they're low calorie - so I had two.

And you?

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  1. That's Fudgicle, in the (NYC) vernacular, and if you're going to slum it/sin, go all the way and skip the low fat. I grew up with 'em. Always a difficult choice between these (back in the day in a markedly more robust and less phallic form factor) and the Creamsicle. And then, there was always the Good Humor man... -SB